Notes for Show Entrants

We have three shows each year – Spring (April), Summer (July) and Autumn (September). Each show is divided into several sections. All shows have a Floral Art Section, a Horticultural Section (divided between herbaceous and vegetable classes and a Junior or children’s section. The Autumn show also includes Home Industries (jam, chutney, baking, eggs), Handicrafts and Photography.

Members who wish to enter the show need to complete an entry form setting out which classes they intend to enter. In order for the committee to prepare the show cards these entry forms need to be submitted by 8pm on the Thursday before each show. Entry forms can be found in the back of the handbook (one for each show) and once completed, and cut out, can be posted in the CHAPS box outside Churt Village Hall. The box will be there from Monday until 8pm on the Thursday before the show. Entries can also be submitted by E Mail sent to the Show Secretary on or through the CHAPS website ( Members’ area and the Show Entry Form. The 8pm Thursday deadline stands whichever method of making an entry submission is chosen. No late entries will be accepted after 8pm.

There are separate entry forms for the Junior Classes which are on pages 35, 37 and 39.
Only one entry per class per person is allowed. You can always enter a class and withdraw on the show day if you are not happy with the exhibit you had planned.

Floral art entries can include both home grown and purchased flowers and plant material. Accessories can only be included if stated in the description under the Floral art title. A maximum size will also be specified.

When making an entry in a horticultural class the entrant must have grown or owned the plant for at least three months. Plants from the house, garden or allotment worked by the entrant are eligible. Judging is based on meeting the requirements of the class (eg number of stems, specific type of flower) and then on quality and condition. If the judge feels that none of the entries are of sufficiently high quality a placing of 1st, 2nd or 3rd may not be given.

Entries for the herbaceous classes will be in vases, containers or pots belonging to the entrant. The exception to this is for the pansy/viola class in the Spring and Summer shows, clematis heads in the Summer show and single or double fuchsia florets in the Autumn show where CHAPS provides a specific display container allowing the flowers to be shown facing upwards.

Entries for vegetable classes must be washed clean of soil and neatly presented. Use raffia or gardening twine to tie the trimmed foliage. Exhibits can be displayed directly on the show table or on a suitably sized plate for tomato and soft fruit classes.

On the morning of each show all entries must be brought to Churt Village Hall between 8 and 10.45am at which time the doors will be closed to entrants. A show card will be in place for each entry being made. Once an entrant has staged an entry the show card should be turned over so that the entry is anonymous to the judge. The cards will be turned back over once judging is completed. Judging begins at 11am. The 15 minutes is used by the show stewards to check everything is in place before the judges start.

The show is open to the public from 2.30pm. Prizes are awarded at 4pm and exhibitors are asked not to remove their entries until after the prize giving. Once the show is over an orderly and speedy removal of exhibits is appreciated so that the show furniture can be tidied away.

The members of the CHAPS committee are always happy to provide help and advice particularly to new or inexperienced exhibitors. The Show Stewards will be on hand during the staging process on the Saturday morning to help with specifics on the day.